Hurricane Center – General Information & Preparedness


This area is just a download of information for anyone who needs to brush up on being prepared or just moved to the area and all of this is new and no one seems to talk about the basics.

Hurricane Suppy Tax Holiday!

The First 72 is on You!

You may hear this phrase a lot when people discuss tropical storms, severe weather or hurricanes. What this means is that you need to be prepared to be completely on your own for at least 72 hours. Enough food, water, medical supplies, prescriptions and more for each member of your family. suggests being prepared for a full week. This is due to the time it may take for help to arrive in your area. With major storms, debris has to be cleared just to get equipment and emergency vehicles in to an impacted area, so if you are prepared for a full 72 hours, you have given responders 3 full days to work.

When is Hurricane Season for our area: June 1st through November 30th

Here is a video on the basics – Hurricane Preparedness 101

Huricane Preparedness 101: What is a storm surge?


Huricane Preparedness 101: Wind damage, its just a strong breeze, right?

Huricane Preparedness 101: Isn’t flooding just on the coast?
Huricane Preparedness 101: Who is this NOAA and what do they do?

Huricane Preparedness 101: Do I really need a plan?

Huricane Preparedness 101: Okay, any other tips?



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